The smart Translation solution integrated in a Multi-Channel-Publishing-System

Smart Translation Solution - Server Pricing

Server SystemSingle InstanceMulti Instance
Price per System7.990,00 Euro9.990,00 Euro
Software Maintenance p.a.1.757,80 Euro2.197,80 Euro
SaaS per month*553,00 Euro691,00 Euro
Both variants contain a version of the InDesign client plug-in to create a preference file, the InDesign server plug-in and the plug-in for the WoodWing Enterprise Server.


Single instance-license: This license may only be installed as one instance on one WoodWing Enterprise Server. The license is site-bound. In case the client uses additional WoodWing Enterprise Servers on other sites he needs a single or multi instance license for each site.

Multi instance-license: This license may be installed in any desired number on a WoodWing Enterprise Server. The license is site-bound. In case the client uses additional WoodWing Enterprise Servers on other sites he needs a single or multi instance license for each site.

*requires a contract with a minimum term of 12 months (extends for another 12 months if not cancelled 3 months in advance) and includes maintenance (all updates etc.). Payment monthly in advance.

Smart Translation Solution - Connector Pricing

ConnectorPrice per ServerMaintenanceSaaS per month*
Basic (Hot Folder495,00 Euro108,90 Euro p.a.35,00 Euro
FTP995,00 Euro218,90 Euro p.a.69,00 Euro
E-Mail995,00 Euro218,90 Euro p.a.69,00 Euro
SDL TMS – Translation Management System (CTA) 1950,00 Euro429,00 Euro p.a.135,00 Euro
SDL World Server v10 2950,00 Euro649,00 Euro p.a.205,00 Euro
XTM for Enterprise1950,00 Euro429,00 Euro p.a.135,00 Euro
Star James / Transit 1950,00 Euro429,00 Euro p.a.135,00 Euro
Across1950,00 Euro429,00 Euro p.a.135,00 Euro
Other TMS-Systemsask for quote

Smart Translation Solution requires at least one connector. It is possible to assign different connectors to brands.

Smart Translation Solution - InDesign Client Pricing

InDesign ClientNamed Seat
Price per InDesign Client500,00 Euro
Software maintance per year110,00 Euro
SaaS per month*35,00 Euro

The Smart Translation Solution InDesign Clients are necessary then the translation workflow is not initiated automatically and status based via the InDesign Server but the XLIFF generation and the import of the translated XLIFF file should be done via one or more InDesign clients.

Smart Translation Solution - CAT-Client Pricing

Client-License TypeStandard
Price per Concurrent User500,00 Euro
Software Maintenance p.a.110,00 Euro
SaaS per month*35,00 Euro
Includes the Integration of the Air Translation client in the WoodWing ContentStation (Air / Web / Aurora). The license is identical with the license of the Content Station “concurrent”.  


The InDesign Plug-in runs on Macintosh and Windows (please refer to the system reqirements for the respective version of InDesign).

Supported Versions:

The Plug-in supports InDesign CS6 and CC as well Client as Server (older versions on request). In addition the WoodWing Enterprise Server Plug-in runs on Enterprise v9.7 or higher. As maintenance is mandatory the client receives on request the Plug-ins for all versions of InDesign and for all platforms.


Maintenance is mandatory, it is priced at 22% per annum. It is billed quarterly and will be synchronized with the WoodWing maintenance if existent. (The same terms apply as for the WoodWing maintenance).

Activation / Copy Protection:

The InDesign Plug-in (Client & Server) as well as the Enterprise Server Plug-in must be activated once against the CoDesCo license server via the Internet. Upon licensing the license will be tied to the InDesign serial number respectively to the hardware of the InDesign client. The WoodWing Server Plug-in will be tied to the WoodWing license. Upon request the activation can be done offline.
For an individual offer please contact us.

General Information

  • All prices in Euro plus VAT (if applicable)
  • Air translation client licenses are Concurrent-User
  • Standard Maintenance includes E-Mail- Support, Patches, small updates and important upgrades.